Oct 24 2020


8:00 am - 9:00 am


$35 per week/ $140 a month

Sacred Heart study series

Saturday morning scripture studies are going into their fourth year!  This new series with Rev. will delve into new avenues of how to live from & in the Sacred Heart.

The main text of the study will be,
Brother Thomas Merton’s

‘Thoughts in Solitude’

Brother Merton was a true Christian Mystic. He was/is highly respected in many other Spiritual traditions as well. At the end of his life, he was working with Zen Buddist Masters to build a bridge between their tradition & the very established Mystic tradition of the path of Christ.

This class will be very beautiful! with the usual sharp turns & blasts of humor always in the tradition of Rz classes!

The Saturday morning study series has been very well attended & has created a truly Holy, weekly, committed community of fellow Journeymen on the Spiritual quest.

study series testimonials:

“..both formats are very rich and offer different styles of accessing the materials. the one on one is very potent and personalized, and the group class has so many other layers and lessons that come through other dynamics of interaction. both very valuable!” ~ Kyle

Studying spiritual texts with Rev Zoe is a magical ride for courageous seekers. It is luxurious to bask in the text, deeply ponder the true meaning, and connect the teaching to our modern lives. ~ Elisa

“Calling it a class doesn’t do it justice. This past almost 3 years of sharing weekly communion and fellowship has kept me on a path to my Self. When the chaos of life and attachments lure me, our weekly visits ground me and lift me at the same time.” ~ Akemi

*** You are committing to every Saturday, AND of course, Life happens.
Rz requests you to let her know when you have to miss a class as a courtesy to her & your fellow Crew members.

All classes are recorded & sent to you every week. For such cases, & for extra study purposes.

october 24th,  saturday
every Saturday until we finish the text!
10 am — 11 am, PST

WHERE— via zoom
 or if you find yourself in the desert, Casa de Aloha

WHO— earnest students of a Path & of Revzo

TUITION — $35 per week/ $140 a month

*** when Rsvping do send a brief sentence on why you’d
like to attend. Gracias


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“…the World doesn’t owe you jack squat!
if anything, YOU owe the World”


Class Full!