Oct 21 2020


5:30 am - 6:30 am

guided rest/communion/meditation

If you are interested in the language, focus, & architecture of Revzo’s approach to teaching/directing, attending the
Wednesday morning meditation class is a great adjunct to your one on ones or, if you are just putting your toe in the waters to test out.

It is a very valuable way to deepen your understanding of how & what Rz is assisting you to understand & apply to your whole life….

come into the Heart Chamber & learn/ remember how to

rest, contemplate, & meditate

—the magic trio

WHEN— every wednesday @ 5:30a—6:30a  (PST)

WHERE— via Zoom

WHO— all who are earnest & work with Rz or have…

tuition— Rz’s tithing

*** if you would like to tithe back to Rz/Casa de Aloha feel free.
stalk T.O for details


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