Dec 04 2020 - Dec 06 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Sick of being a Bitch?

Beginner Roses weekend intensive!

Rz is gonna start the coals for this Crucible  December 2020!

do you still have a hard time Receiving: events, men, weather, compliments, criticism, Joy, disregard, being out of ’that’ brand of toothpaste, or not… being given credit!?!

many of you are earnest & on the crest of finding the center of your Rose! alas, ’the’ linage (angry righteous women linage) is ferocious & won’t let you be free!

Rev. is dedicated to giving you that extra push into your center.
we will look at how to burn away, exorcise, & bring to the
‘ego wood-shed’ the remnants of this vile & demonic lineage
& become the Queen that you are!

beginner rose testimonials

“RevZo once again hit the ball out of the park with this class. Learning and putting a flashlight on all the ways I operate from a‘self-centered’ place, and a place of hyper ‘self-protection’, is extremely humbling. This class is for anyone that wants to lift the blinders and see more clearly how they are getting in their own way of accessing the freedom so many of us desire to find within.” ~ Jaime

“ …Shedding the mantle of the Angry Righteous Woman Lineage is a courageous process and having RZ’s support and guidance on the path is invaluable. As always, RZ approaches her teachings with humor, persistence and fierce love. The insights and tools unearthed in this exploration clear the path to freedom and individual thinking…” ~ Elisa

“…RZ creates a trusting yet fierce environment to workshop real world moments where the battle between the angry righteous woman lineage and the Truth duke it out. This class is a deep call to step further into self responsibility and continue to better understand the many beautiful strengths of the sacred feminine.” ~ Mara

if you are upset already, this is the class for you!

WHEN December 4th, 5th, & 6th
(the desert is gorgeous in winter!)

10 am — 4 pm each day

WHERE— LIVE at Casa de Alohain the desert of Southern

WHO— earnest ladies who are sick of being a bitch/or being called one & who work with Rz

TUITION — $600 

*** includes: having your ass given to you on a platter & by the end, being grateful !
Snacks, day beverages, Casa de Aloha post-class pool time, & light afternoon adult

bevs, letting your hair down with your fellow crew members.

**those who have already taken this class are welcome to join with refined tuition
of $450.  Stalk Rev with a sentence on why you want to re-attend.

*** if tuition is a challenge, stalk Rz directly at


make a reservation



“…the World doesn’t owe you jack squat!
if anything, YOU owe the World”