Reverend Zoe Inman


Reverend Zoe Inman


Casa de Aloha


Sep 12 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



1 Day retreat @ Aloha: Mother & Daughter blowout: the raging Love

Rz invites the Mothers & the daughters, or either if both can not attend, to this very, very important blowout on, ‘what the hell is up?’ sub-rosa (under the Rose of privacy & Sacredness)

Rz will lead the attendees into the grotto of one of the most complex & hair raising relationships that quite frankly, run much of the world’s energy!

Do you want to die still resenting each other, still blaming each other, still holding the other one hostage to your emotional hell?  If you do, you are guaranteed a first-class ticket back to another ‘stellar time in some kind of relationship’ in another lifetime.

Rz will be honored to firmly walk you ladies through the ego crucible of learning how to genuinely free each other. Or at least begin to. This retreat will be physical (not in an athletic way), fun, scary, awkward & rewarding at some level. Lots of repetition, observation, & listening & not listening. All under the skillful & devoted eye of the Rz.

WHOA! the goal: Ladies/Women who are truly understanding, empathetic, kind, & truly powerful.

September 12th, saturday

10a —4p


WHERE— LIVE only at Casa de Aloha

WHO—all who work or study with Rz

rsvp by September 2nd


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