mano a mano

sessions with revzo

this is a great opportunity for solo folk, couples, kids, & even critters to getdown with the Rev. all sessions via virtual, phone or in the flesh @ Casa de Aloha in the desert of Southern California!


casa de aloha

Casa de Aloha is the Monastery Rz stewards/resides in with Papyia Corozone & other fellows in the desert of Southern California. Casa de Aloha strongly invites all to come spend the day resting/contemplating, having a ‘live’ communion with Revzo in the flesh, continuing on to study, swim, meditate & pray.

open wednesday —sunday 9a—4p

classes & retreats

advanced series

Sacred Heart study series

Saturday morning scripture studies are going into their fourth year! This new series with Rev. will delve into new avenues of how to live from & in the Sacred Heart.

when: every saturday starting october 24th

10 am—11 am, PST

where: via Zoom

who: earnest students of a Path & of Revzo

tuition: $35 per week/ $140 a month

Class Full!

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ongoing classes

guided rest, contemplation, meditation

come into the Heart Chamber & learn/remember how to rest, contemplate, & meditate—the magic trio.

when: every wednesday

5:30a—6:30a PST

where: via Zoom

who: all who are earnest & sit regularly & work with Rz or have...

tuition: Rz's tithing

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advanced series

Advanced Bucks Class

now that you have taken off your baby pants. this series teaches recovering ‘nice-guys’ to take off the hidden diapers of: fear of rejection, holding out/ punishing to feel in control, & giving only to get.
this series really goes into the laboratory around the lost fine art of giving; a pilar of true Masculinity.

when: june 13th, 20th, 27th & july 4th

10a-11:30a PST

where: via zoom

who: for those who have taken 'beginner Bucks'

tuition: $150

Class Full!

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december retreat

Beginner Roses
weekend intensive!

do you still have a hard time Receiving: events, men, weather, compliments, criticism, Joy, disregard, being out of ’that’ brand of toothpaste, or not... being given credit!?!

when: december 4th, 5th, & 6th

10 am — 4 pm each day

where: LIVE at Casa de Aloha in the desert of Southern California

who: earnest ladies who are sick of being a bitch/or being called one & who work with Rz

tuition: $600

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hands on

receiving masterful hands -on -communion from the seasoned & skilled hands of Rz can augment any verbal work you currently receive.


self-study with the rev – “revinars” are a quiet, intimate way to study with revzo in the privacy of your own home.


part of Revzo’s vocation includes mentoring for long term client-students and new practitioners of the healing arts. Revzo considers it her duty to assist new practitioners to enter their respective fields with eyes wide open.

let god love you up

in Let God Love You Up, reverend zoë inman introduces the master wound, a seminal moment in early childhood development where we turn away from our “self” and begin the search for love. this life defining moment can remain unconscious and create pointless suffering in our lives, or it can be explored with humor and grace as a fundamental guide to awakening.

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