revzo is a chick who practices the healing arts. hands on and hands off the body. she is a wildly devoted student of mysticism.
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    Rev's book, "Let God Love you Up", is on fire and touching the lives of many people. it is a no nonsense, accessible vehicle to her work, ministry, and the ancient Truths from which she has been instructed and inspired.

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    sitting with the 'crew' in class is a high octane experience of learning and study. it is a priceless experience of studying with Revzo and gleaning the wisdom of fellow journeymen as well. and if you had a reaction to the word journeymen; all the more reason to come on down to a class and have your pants put on fire with Love. Revzo sits on the hot seat in every gathering, therefore you do too. to share in the process of having your identity stripped down with every topic of study is a gift of miraculous proportions.

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